Power: DC12V, 15A
Max pressure: 150PSI
Air flow: 2.12CFM@0PSI
Measurement: 12.67*6.91*8.19inch
Weight: 8.36lbs
Brand name: RoadAid
Date first listed online: Sep 29,2019

Product Detail
TIREWELL TW2001 12V Tire Inflator-Heavy Duty Portable Air Compressor Connect the Battery

Product Description TW2001

1, the product is suitable for a SUV and middle car.
2, high quality cigarette lighter plug, 15A fuse, safety and reliability.
3, the movement of the air pump and wires made of pure copper manufactured, put into effect the machine optimum power.
4, with cell change lines, increasing the versatility of the vehicle.
5, the product is equipped with three different inflatable mouth, improving the extensiveness of the use.
6, equipped with Oxford bags, convenient storage carrying.


Model: Single Cylinder

Power: DC12V 15A

Max Pressure: 150Psi,8.3Bar

Air flow: 28L@0Psi

Inflating time: 4 Min

Weight: 2.15Kg

Included Parts

Battery calmp

3 air mouths for bicycle,ball,inflatable boat

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